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Eurocolumbus was born in 1972; during 2004 it was the first Italian company to equip its C-arms with Flat Panel Detectors (then produced and marketed by VARIAN, now named VAREX); this generated a very rapid technological growth.

In the following years the final product was totally updated and renewed while following the original project, which was based on an isocentric and motorized C-arm, very safe thanks to the anti-collision sensors and a generator separated from the X-Ray tube.

Eurocolumbus is the only Italian manufacturer of C-arms that can boasts a real internal R&D department. The equipments are entirely designed and built in the Milan factory (Italy).

Since 2016 Eurocolumbus has been part of an important industrial group that boasts 23 research centers and 75,000 employees worldwide; this significantly increases the guarantee of continuity of the Company on its way to the continuous search for innovation and eco-sustainable quality.